Paul C McMichael


Paul C. McMichael, Builder LLC is a Loudoun County, Virginia based company specializing in custom home design and the highest quality construction. In operation since 1986, our company is Class A licensed and insured in the state of Virginia.

We pride ourselves in upholding a reputation for delivering the highest quality workmanship in new home construction. With every project our reputation is on the line and subpar performance is not an option. In today’s competitive home construction market, Paul C. McMichael, Builder LLC has found that the best way to assure customer satisfaction is by providing a superior product. We excel in this industry because of our drive to exceed expectations and provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction.


Paul C. McMichael, Builder LLC has ingrained high expectations of quality in workmanship and customer service at every level. Premium building materials are spec’d for all of our projects, providing our clients with a lasting product. We minimize errors by maintaining the highest level of organization at every job site. We work collaboratively with all of our partners to ensure a client-focused, seamless, and transparent experience.


Paul C. McMichael, Builder LLC places an emphasis on open, upfront, and regular communication. Our founder and President, Paul prides himself in remaining transparent and available for questions every step of the way. Consistent project management and regular builder / client communication is a standard.


We take a highly coordinated approach when working with our suppliers, subcontractors, and crew. Partnering with only the best, our vendor pipeline is almost entirely local. They are personable, dependable and uphold the same philosophy on quality and workmanship as Paul C. McMichael, Builder LLC.


With a business model focusing on customer experience and quality craftsmanship, it’s only natural that we stand behind our work.



Sit down with our founder and President, Paul McMichael to share your vision. We’ll look to learn more about you and develop a better understanding of what your ideal home looks like so we can begin concepting. By the end of the meeting, you should have an understanding of our process and superior standards. Paul will also provide information on several key components to address during your initial research: finding a lot and obtaining financing.


Every home we build is one-of-a-kind, which means pricing and budgets can vary substantially. Paul McMichael Builder, LLC takes pride in providing our clients absolute transparency throughout the build. Our team will use the information gathered during your initial consultation to set cost expectations early on. We can use this to adjust to the project to fit within your price point.


Concepts really begin to take shape during this highly collaborative stage. We can build from finish plans you provide, or assist with all aspects of design if you choose to have them drawn from scratch. We’ll work together with an architect and designer to engineer plans to your specifications and identify ways to adjust cost or add features, with a goal of marrying your budget and your wishlist. Expect to see several versions of the plan, each becoming more detailed as we approach the permitting process.


With a refined version of the project specifications, our estimating team at Paul McMichael Builder, LLC is able to communicate with suppliers and subcontractors to obtain a more accurate cost forecast. We’ll ask you to approve a defined scope of work, timeline and cost. Though you’ve been working with your builder from day 1, this is when your contractual relationship begins.


We’ll submit a detailed proposal to the county, including the final drawings completed during the planning phase. Our team expertly navigates the county’s complex requirements, simplifying this step for our clients.


Site prep can vary by lot. We’ll visit the property together to stake an outline of the home’s position, then excavate and level the land as necessary. Wells are often drilled during this time, as they’re required for building permits to be issued.


Once all the necessary approvals are received, construction on the structure begins. Your project is kept moving, with minimal downtime because Paul McMichael Builder, LLC relies on a highly coordinated approach with suppliers and subcontractors. Each phase is carefully planned to minimize your costs and interest charges on borrowed funding. Paul supervises each aspect of the build, applying the knowledge gained throughout decades of experience.


Part of our commitment to you is being proactive and present. You should expect a touch base before and after every phase. Building plans are continually reviewed by our team and our contract has clear specifications to follow. Follow-ups include on-site meetings that allow for in-person feedback and added customization. Paul prides himself in remaining consistently available for questions every step of the way.


As a key component of our build experience, we strive to deliver a move-in ready home on time. You’ve been anxiously waiting for months and we’re excited to present the result of dedication, collaboration and expert craftsmanship.


Our service doesn’t stop when the build is complete. All of our work is backed with a one year warranty.